The Night Belongs to Someone Else

I was up all night last night
Looking for the man in the funny hat
I asked him to give me back my dreams
He looked at me intensely.
You're mistaken, he said softly,
For they are no longer yours.
Vandalized castles in the sky,
A question mark on a calendar,
An empty seat on the long divide,
A foreign language on the screen.
Your soul is on fire,
A drawbridge closing in,
Narrowing the gap of two points
You believed in.
Change has come and gone.
Do you still believe in the midnight sun?
A shimmer beyond the lake.
I can not let you keep your dreams,
When you awake.
The night belongs to someone else.
You saw the ending,
When they turned the page.

© Colleen Yorke. All rights reserved
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