Snow Falling on Cedars

So many choices, so many chattering voices,
Keeping our eyes on the door
Wanting something more evermore.
Some of us wander all their lives
Some of us simply do not have the time
To wonder about how now why when
Too much keeping them occupied.
Driving through hot places,
Dealing with white spaces
Stacking trophies on book cases
Land of a thousand dead faces
Looking for a connection
Amidst the extra ordinary selection,
Longing for the extraordinary complexion
Going through reflection,
Objection and rejection,
Building up high walls for protection.
Stuck at intersection.
Green light, red light, warning sign
I wish I knew what's on your mind.
What would we find
If the snow fell on cedars tonight?
© Colleen Yorke. All right reserved. 2020.

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