The Rush of Youth

A face full of wrinkles -She was young once.
Famous for her golden hair
And seven little black dresses
She liked to wear.
Dancing all night long.
Those years are long gone.
The rush of youth. 
As a young woman sailed past her, 
A rapturous breeze lightly touched the older one. 
Then as the young one was quite out of sight
A truck appeared. 
The front-seat passenger leaned out the cabin 
And he shouted: “My god, are you beautiful!”, 
In the reflecting mirror she saw his smile.
A face so full of a lived life.
© Colleen Yorke. All rights reserved. 2020. 
All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this blog are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. © All rights reserved.