The Memory of You

Saying Goodbye never seemed so unreal
Finding the right words to say
To describe what I feel
Just doesn’t seem to grasp
All these years of time
Shared dreams, tall buckets of hope -
And memories painted in color.

Your bright smile, your wonderful dark hair
Your spirit and love for life
You always saw the glass half-full
Building, renovating, perfecting a home
You gave me a house key
Made me feel like a queen on her throne
After school, there was the pool
And of course buttery soft cookies and milk
Sometimes Blockbuster nights
And pillow fights -
There isn’t a memory of Santa Cruz
That doesn’t include you.

I am sitting here
Day and night,
Trying to write,
Trying to describe you and your life.
But nothing sounds right,
When you come to mind.
It is because
You are more than a poem to me.

© Colleen Yorke. All rights reserved. 2015
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