It’s Friday.
Running up the stairs.
The computer is mine.
Phantom is online!
Sometimes he chooses to remain silent,
Sometimes he replies.
He plays with your heart,
If you don’t impress him from the start.
He got the fastest hands,
And he supports elephants.
He got time and
Sometimes he’s in rush
and oh he loves to make you blush
Come on, geez, figure it out.
He is a Phantom.
That’s what his strategy is all about.
He collects your number,
Calls you and makes you feel even dumber
If you don’t remember his real name.
Forget the chase.
Introduce, leave no clues -
 That is his game.
You can’t tame.
Either way he says, you’ll believe him.
Phantom decides the act,
He will tell you fiction or fact.
He is sexy and bloody charming
It is quite disarming,
My god, it should have been alarming.
Aside from being unreal,
He has zeal.
He got Nick Carter’s appeal, but
Phantom his name he will not reveal.
He wants it that way, he wants to love you, 
But no stress to stay.
Phantom wants it quick, 
He uses you up like a bubble gum stick.
Either way, he will take over- the loafer.
If you are smart, you won’t even start.
You will move from his dart
And depart into modern art.
He is not the right prince card.
You won’t fall into Phantom’s trap,
You’re not a kitty on his lap.
Believe me, it is better to go.
Talking leads to stalking.
Believe me I know,
I met him not too long ago.

Phantom was originally published in ©2000. All rights reserved.
© Colleen Yorke. All rights reserved. 2017

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